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released March 2, 2012



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Mulletcorpse London, Ontario

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Track Name: Chronic Failure
The tongue isn't worth a penny
You vastly overvalue it's worth
The fraction won't feed the hungry
The fraction can't buy any loyalties
You literally sleep with the fishes
Dependent for life with no shame
Apples don't fall far from the tree
But in this case, you'll never break free
You live like a newborn that was never cut away
You rather feed at the cord than fend for yourself
Fight your own battles
You're too stubborn to face the facts
None of your tactics have any affects
The taste won't last forever
Once your kindred succumb
You will die unhappy
You will die unknown
A stingy gesture won't wane our hatred
We are committed for life
You're blatant vulnerability disgusts everyone
There is no sympathy
We have no sympathy
Illusions of grandeur and hauling away your lungs
Boasting about all the numbers
But none of this fucking matters
Track Name: Thickened
I take huge bites and swallow them whole
And I don't care if I choke
My goal in life is to digest the filth
And I don't give a fuck
I'd rather die trying than live a lie
I want a life that's worth living
Not a World that's filled with fucking leeches
Can you smell the shit floating all around us?
Their mouths have wept far too long
Can you smell the shit floating all around us?
Digits to befall motionless
Love is not a realistic momentum
Common hatred breeds survivors and we unite as one
It's fucking odd how I'm still captivating all of the masses
Even when I've been gone for years
Words I spit catch every set of eyes
Scum of the World we eliminate
Track Name: Life: Unwritten
Barricades every corner I turn
Story-lines are torn right through
Barricades don't stand a chance
I devour every single inch
I didn't believe in happy endings until I recast my surroundings
This is the only way that life should be
I don't want to associate with any of you
Authors scheme and try to write me down but
I delve the white and leave a blur
The haze I cause puts a hold on the earth and you are all doomed
I never said I'd be the one to rely on so this is what I say, fuck the world
Drown the filth so we can blossom, through and through
Because I'd rather live alone than with any of you
I can't believe my dreams are coming true
No more chapters to restrict my flight
No more chapters, no more stories
I don't want to associate with any of you
This is your closing, no more beginnings
This is your closing, goodbye
This is your closing and I am your anthem
This is your closing, the world is now ours
Track Name: The Fermented
Sorry i gave you a million chances to redeem yourself but you fell too short
I'm sorry envy got the best of you and that you'll always be living in my fucking shadow
I have you eating from the palm of my hands
Burying your life would be the easy way out
I'd rather keep you alive
I'd rather keep you alive so you can see our rise
I'd rather keep you alive and watch you rot from the inside
Try to mimmick every step i took
Bail with all of the weight bearing on your flimsy limbs
Embrace the failure - you brought it all upon yourself
I feel more energized than ever
It's like I'm reborn through your pain
I brought you into this life and i will hold you in it
You'll wish you never knew my name
Never forget my name
It's not my fault that you wanted to be me
It's not my fucking fault
Your pipe dreams are fucking over
You'll drown with the gimmicks you're trying to sell
Nobody's buying shit they don't need
Nobody's buying shit they've already seen
I wipe my ass with everything you release
All of your attempts in life will have a fiery end
The ashes of your orchards will be scattered like the dead
I am the disease eating away the roots of your trees.
Track Name: Pearl Martyr
Bind all roots and split the chamber
Lynch the nerves that sustain vigor
Choke the passion and the children
Gouge this town til they surrender
Preparation didn't do shit
Their entire existence has come down to this this
Excavate precious monuments
The fresh aroma now reaks of it's rotting shit
Infectious, poison the canals
They are helpless
All their screams will go un-noticed
Pulps will leech all vital fluids
Rip their pods out from under
There is no saving now from the bed that they live in
All the training and hours in could not prep them for what happens next
A traitor among them will show it's face, the remnants of life will bleed with shame
Drain the center and eat the weak
Plunge back into the warm crevasse
Hide your crown until you sense relief
Choke the passion and the frail elderly
Track Name: Gremlin Face
Burdened by the curse of an ugly duckling
So she took the fat from her ass and put it in her face
Hoping to smooth the surface around her money making cavity
There is no remedy for the haggard
Not a mask thick enough to cover up the horror
No acid potent enough to ward off this chafed whore
She loves to taste the projection, she loves it in her cheeks
Pathetic mammal always begging for attention
How can she live with herself?
There is no other way
She's so hungry and clearly
Humming is the best way to fill that craving for respect
No man in his right mind would cum on and around those lips, son
With pride, she's got small-town girl (whore) syndrome
I have no care for who you are or where the fuck you've been
You're just a constant reminder of all the dead-end relations
I don't regret the process, I'm just sick of all this non-sense
I'm sickened by you
If karma's a bitch then I'm expecting the worst
I've done so many wrong and that's the price that it's worth
I don't understand how you can't take a hint
If I look too clean for you it's because I actually am
Unfocused messages
Careless attempts are such a waste of intellect
Emotionless; this is the death of salvation
I'll rip the life out of your skies and redeem every thing of mine
You will be left with nothing but your lies
Question yourself because you don't understand
Question your life because it never went as planned
Mope around and dwell on yourself because no one else will
Congratulations, you've just been nominated the world's biggest wannabe
I know your kind inside and out
Always chewing the shit you can't swallow
Cowering away from the truth
You put up a front, too bad no one believes you
You are your only supporter
You are your only protector
No care for what happens to you
I'll destroy every opportunity you walk into
Sub-standard dumpster-slop, the flame died before it fucking sparked
Tiresome and overdrawn, you're not impressing anyone
Burn; I am the sun bursting through your ozone layer
I am the endless plateau on which you will wither
I am your worst nightmare
I am the sum of all your fears
I am your illustrator
I am your sudden climax
I'm surprised you can spit those big words
You must be so educated
I'll never fucking stop this
Strife will go on and on...
Extirpate all the hype, you people do not deserve a life
Contracting the pestilence
We are all in dire need; disinfect